Loungewear during pregnancy and breastfeeding - What do I have to consider?

The baby is on the way and thoughts are revolving around a few topics that seemed so far away just a few months before: Is Mona the right name for Wutz? Cloth diapers or Pampers? Was buying the glass coffee table last year perhaps not such a good idea after all? And when it comes to clothes, it's usually rompers and bodysuits for the new baby rather than loungewear for the mom-to-be. Loungewear has one major advantage for pregnant women: a good lounge suit is extremely comfortable, feels pleasant against the skin (especially if it is knitted from natural fibers such as the finest merino yarn) and doesn't constantly pinch when the baby - and therefore mom's belly - has grown a little during pregnancy. But what exactly do you need to look out for when buying so that these benefits actually come into play?

Pay attention to the material

Synthetic fibers such as polyester are not suitable for prolonged skin contact - unlike high-quality natural fibers such as cotton, merino, viscose or cashmere. Natural fibers can absorb moisture, whereas synthetic fibers do not allow the body to breathe and you therefore sweat more in polyester clothing. No wonder, because polyester is made from petroleum, just like the PET bottle. This makes synthetic fibers good companions for technical sports equipment. For the pregnant body, however, we clearly recommend natural fibers. The skin can breathe and moisture is absorbed. Merino in particular has the additional advantage over other natural fibers that it retains moisture without feeling damp, which is why there are even menstrual underwear made from merino. Merino is one of the finest animal hairs in the world - it is the new wool from merino sheep and is exceptionally cozy and not at all scratchy. It is also easy to care for, which is ideal for everyday wear. It doesn't crease, is dirt-repellent and can even be machine-washed with special finishes (like the ones we use). It doesn't matter if porridge or milk gets on your clothes, just put them in the washing machine. Merino is therefore our clear recommendation and the high wearing comfort speaks for itself.

Look out for knitwear

Loungewear is inevitably well suited to pregnancy due to its generally loose cut, but a few tips can make this "natural" advantage even greater. Knitwear has the advantage over fabrics such as fleece or velour that it is inherently elastic due to the knit stitch. So you can easily cheat out a size just because the material is knitted. Knitwear always adapts to the shape of the body, which is ideal for pregnancy. Nevertheless, it does not wear out and returns to its original size the next time you wash it. This makes it ideal for pregnancy, when the top will be tighter for a short time. Nevertheless, you don't want to buy a completely new wardrobe just for these few months. Although loungewear does not replace special maternity clothing, knitted loungewear is still a good choice for wearing during pregnancy. Above all, it's nice and cozy and you still feel nicely dressed.

Pay attention to other details in the cut

If you tend to have swollen legs during pregnancy, we recommend wide trousers with a straight leg like our Bailey relax trousers. For sweaters, a cropped style with a wide hem, such as our Bailey turtleneck sweater, makes sense, as it gives your belly enough room to grow. However, if you like to show off your belly, a nice ribbed top with a cardigan over it is ideal, like our Blossom knitted top and Blossom cardigan. A wrap top like our Bailey wrap top is ideal for breastfeeding, as it allows you to reach your breasts quickly and easily. In combination with the Bella wrap card igan, it wraps the body comfortably and still looks stylish.

Loungewear is therefore not only a stylish companion for pregnancy, but also for the first time with the baby after the birth. Because loungewear is not only elegant, but also wonderfully practical. There's not much time to change, you sleep whenever you can (rarely at night) and let's be honest: the time for a cocktail dress has not yet come. When you're breastfeeding, other things count. Cosiness, for example. Not only will you appreciate the pleasant feeling of loungewear made from natural fibers on your skin, your baby will also like it more than a polyester blend.

Incidentally, we recommend the following styles from our current collection for use as house suits:

For pregnancy, we recommend our knitted merino loungewearset Pullover Bailey & Pants Bailey:

Weisses Loungewear Set mit Rollkragenpullover und Marlene Hose aus Strick

For breastfeeding, we recommend our knitted merino loungewear set Top Bailey & Pants Bella:

Beiges Homewear Set mit Cache-coeur-Top zum Stillen

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