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Noble loungewear in set

YOU LOOK PERFECT is your brand for exclusive loungewear knitted with the best Italian yarn. Our yarn is specially treated to be machine washable and very soft. We have made countless yarn tests to find this yarn, which finally meets our requirements. In addition, we pay attention to animal welfare and therefore buy only mulesing-free yarn. All styles are made of 100% natural fiber and are therefore biodegradable. Our collection is manufactured in the best knitting mills in Europe, which we have visited ourselves. So we guarantee you a fair production in the EU, without child labor or forced labor.

With our products you treat yourself to high-quality, pollutant-free, fair and sustainably produced in the EU premium loungewear, which you will enjoy for a long time!

Fairfashion Loungewear
Beiges Loungewear Set Pullover + Hose aus 100% Merino Strick

Elegant and sustainable

Loungewear Sets for Women

Our high-quality loungewear sets for women combine the matching pieces from our loungewear collection so that you can dress casually yet elegantly at home and on the go.

Our loungewear sets are knitted from mulesing-free merino wool. The comfort of our loungewear sets is therefore incomparable - pure luxury thanks to knitted loungewear!


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