Sustainable loungewear - what do we do to achieve it?

At Berlin Fashion Week I was asked, "What does sustainable actually mean, what are you doing?"

Since the word SUSTAINABLE is now used inflationary, I would like to tell you here exactly what we do for the sustainability of our loungewear collection.

Sustainability in the production of our loungewear

  • Using only natural fibers like mulesing-free merino wool - these fibers eventually rot, unlike polyester/polyacrylic, which (like the PET bottle) never rots and also lets microplastics into our water with every wash! Most natural fibers are also renewable resources.
  • We use only Italian yarn for our sustainable loungewear. In Europe there are strict rules for dyeing the yarns. In other low-wage countries the yarn is much cheaper, but there the environmental laws are not very strict and often the dye bath is simply dumped into the rivers.
  • Producing in the EU - short transport distances and no shipping halfway around the globe, which saves us a lot of CO2. Also, factory waste is properly disposed & recycled in Europe.
  • Do not use plastic bags/polybags. Each garment produced is usually individually wrapped in plastic in factories. We find this absolutely unnecessary, with us in the box the goods are simply stacked unpacked.

Sustainability in the shipping of our loungewear

  • Our tissue paper, which is used for shipping the online orders of our loungewear, is from sustainable forestry
  • Our cardboard boxes are made from recycled waste paper in Germany.
  • We ship our loungewear CO2 neutral with DPD and DHL Express Go Green. These parcel services already save CO2 through route optimization, electronic parcel announcements and increased delivery by natural gas/electric cars and measure the values. What is emitted is offset by renewable energy projects and tree planting.

Bottom line: don't be afraid to ask companies about their actions! I'm glad when someone asks - because I've also put a lot of thought into this topic in order to run as sustainable a company as possible.

Many companies say they operate sustainably and when you ask, there's nothing behind it (that's greenwashing then)!

Sandra Milacher,

founder of the loungewear label YOU LOOK PERFECT

P.S.: Please also have a look at our Fair-Fashion-Certificates...

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