Homewear in the home office - tips & tricks

Since many of us spend more time in the home office, the question inevitably arises: What should I actually wear to be comfortably but at the same time smartly enough dressed for work at home? Homewear or its luxurious sister loungewear are obvious options, but beware: not all homewear is suitable for the home office.

What clothing is suitable for the home office?

Basically, there are some characteristics that should be met for any home office clothing:
  • Of course, we also want to take the advantages of the home office into account when choosing our clothes, so the following applies: Nothing should pinch, the clothes should be comfortable.
  • At the same time, it's important not to become a slouchy couch potato when we're ten minutes away from the next online meeting that's about the big new order from Japan. In otherwords , our clothing in the home office shouldalso show that work is not leisure time.
  • What the camera does to our appearance in the many video calls is often underestimated. Thesame applies here as in portrait photography: it is better to avoid too strong color contrasts and patterns, as they distract from what is so important in every conversation - our facial expressions.
  • Ideal for long sitting are materials like merino wool, which do not wrinkle and are breathable. In addition, merino is perfect for direct contact with the skin, it is cuddly soft and when we sweat it cools, when we freeze it warms.
  • Last but not least, we of course want to set accents with our choice of clothing in the home office as well. We also want to showour personality through our clothing in the home office: Elegant, chic or casual.

    Schicke Homewear für das Homeoffice

    What homewear is ideal for the home office?

    Many homewear collections naturally meet the criteria listed above, but not all. What should you look out for?

    • Cue couch potato: we advise against Nikki jersey suits. They may be warm and cozy, but they often look cheap and send the wrong signal that it doesn't make a difference whether I'm sitting in front of Netflix in the evening after the gym or on a video call with the boss.
    • Many conventional homewear collections come across as very affected. Rhinestone appliqués, pink plush, leopard prints - it's all been seen before and not suitable for the home office.
    • We recommend natural fibers, which are not only comfortable to wear, but also give homewear a high-quality touch.
    • Also, you should not limit your search and selection to homewear only, but also consider high-quality loungewear. Loungewear comes in the home office noble and elegant, but still has the comfortable wearing properties of conventional homewear.

    Edles Loungewear Set für das Homeoffice

    Recommendations from our loungewear collection for the home office

    We recommend these outfits for your home office:

    weißes Luxury Loungewear Outfit Pullover und Hose

    • Leisure suit for women consisting of Cardigan Bella & Top Blossom & Pants Bella: Our loungewear set with short cardigan, ribbed top and knit pants. Ideal here is that you can wear the cardigan with waterfall neckline open or buttoned at the shoulder as you like. It is a very high quality homewear outfit that is casual and classy at the same time. Merino also balances body temperature, making it perfect to wear next to your skin all day.

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