Loungewear in the summer - our tips for warm weather

Although loungewear is often associated with cold weather clothing, it is also an excellent choice for summer. Here are our reasons for wearing merino loungewear in the summer:

Lightweight and breathable

One of the main benefits of merino wool is that it is naturally lightweight and breathable. This means that it won't feel heavy or stifling when you wear it on a hot summer day. The fibers of merino wool are finer than those of traditional wool, making it soft and comfortable against your skin. The fabric is also very breathable, allowing air to circulate and regulate your body temperature. This will keep you cool and relaxed even in warm weather. I feel free!

Away with moisture

Merino wool wicks moisture away from the skin very effectively. When you sweat, the moisture is absorbed by the fabric and then evaporates, keeping your skin dry and you comfortable. This is especially important in the summer when high temperatures and humidity can cause excessive sweating. Merino wool can prevent sweat from sticking to your skin and causing discomfort. I feel perfect!

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Another benefit of merino wool is that it is naturally odor resistant. This is because the fibers have a natural wax coating that repels odor-causing bacteria. This means that you can wear merino loungewear for several days without worrying about it smelling bad. This is especially useful in the summer, when you may sweat more and need to wash your clothes more often. I feel clean!

Easy to care for

A big advantage is that merino wool is very easy to care for. Even though it looks like a delicate fabric, it is actually durable and can even be machine washed at 30°C (if it has been specially finished like our yarn). Merino wool also air dries quickly on the clothes rack, which is useful in any season. It is also important to note that our merino wool does not shrink or lose its shape in the wash like conventional virgin wool. In addition, all our models are already pre-washed once after production - so they will not shrink or even become misshapen because they are already pre-washed. So you don't have to worry about any chemicals or test residues on your skin! I feel relaxed!

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Tips for wearing merino loungewear in summer

When wearing merino loungewear in the summer, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

Look for lightweight fabrics

Merino wool is naturally lightweight, but some knits are lighter than others. Look for merino wool with a lighter weight, we recommend flat knit styles for this rather than the heavy coarse knit or rib knit. This will keep you cool and comfortable in warm weather. Our flat knit models that are ideal for summer are:

Dress Clea, Cardigan Bella, Cardigan Blossom, Top Bailey, Pants Bella and Pants Bailey.

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Opt for loose-fitting styles.

Tight-fitting clothes trap heat and make you feel even hotter. Opt for loose-fitting loungewear that allows air to circulate around your body. Our cardigans in particular are the perfect companions for balmy summer evenings!

Set color accents

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with bright colors. Adding a pop of color to your loungewear is a great way to spice up your look. In our online store for women's loungewear, you'll find many different summery colors to choose from....

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Complement your outfit with sandals and sun hats

Accessories can make all the difference when it comes to enhancing your summer loungewear look. Pair your favorite loungewear pieces with chic sandals, a sun hat and sunglasses for a relaxed yet stylish summer ensemble.

You'll find plenty of summer looks to match in our current collection.

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