Merino care - 10 tips for long pleasure with our loungewear

Proper care of a garment is essential. The better a garment is cared for, the longer it will last.

Care tip 1: Read the label.

Always look at the label and not only skim the symbols, but also read the text of the care instructions. This is essential to ensure that the garment doesn't come out of the machine too small or wrinkled. Our Merino yarn is specially pre-treated, so you can even wash it in the washing machine at 30° on the delicate cycle. However, the most durable is a gentle wash in the wool wash cycle. Each garment in our collection is pre-washed, which means it can be worn immediately and will not shrink in the wash.

Care tip 2: Let the machine do it.

Of course, you can hand wash our collection, but we recommend gentle washing with a wool wash program. When hand washing, you quickly squeeze the model too tightly or wring it out at the end so that the water escapes. This does not do the wool any good and it felts faster. Nowadays, every machine has a gentle wool wash cycle, use it. It is important to take a wool detergent for the regreasing of the fiber. Wash our Merino wool only with 30 °C, in no case with 60 °C .

Care tip 3: The number of rotations is very important

A little bit also wool must be spin-dried, so that the water escapes, otherwise you have a 5 kg dripping block in your hand. We recommend a washing rotation to max. 600! So the wool is no longer dripping wet, and yet gently spin-dried. 

Care Tip 4: Drying is almost as important as washing.

Do not hang knitted pieces to dry. The garment will unhook and get much longer (unless you want it to). Wool - even merino wool - should be dried lying down. But what does that mean? Just lay your pieces flat on the clothes rack, making sure nothing hangs down (sleeves, legs). Quite ideal is even a towel underneath, but it also works without. It is important to lie flat.

Care tip 5: Iron with steam.

You are allowed to iron our merino wool with steam, but moderate the heat with medium level 2 or even wool level. Merino is very easy to care for, you don't have to do extensive ironing as it hardly wrinkles. Some may do without ironing completely. Nevertheless, a freshly ironed and lovingly folded garment is wonderful to wear.

Care tip 6: Lying in the closet.

In fashion, a difference is made between hanging and lying garments. Knitwear is always lying down, because otherwise a knitted garment hangs out due to the movable mesh: The heavier it is, the more weight pulls down and the piece becomes longer. So fold knits after ironing and then lay flat in the closet. Stacking is not a problem, so you can put all the knit sweaters nicely in one pile. A lavender sachet in the closet is also ideal to keep moths away.

Care tip 7: Airing goes before washing.

It is not always necessary to wash a garment immediately after wearing it. Especially Merino does not take on odors and remains neutral! Only if really dirt comes on the garment, it must be in the washing machine. So you can wear our Merino Loungewear for a long time without washing it. Just fold it at the end of the day and put it on again the next day.

Care tip 8: Oh no a stain.

This can happen and is not a big deal. Many stains do not accept the merino fiber at all, because it is dirt-repellent. If a stain does get in, we use the stain removal products from Dr. Beck or gall soap, which is natural and so far every stain has come out again. You just have to make sure that you don't leave the products on for too long, otherwise they will attack the fiber and the color too much. If this is not enough, you have to take the merino garment to the dry cleaner. It is then always important to know what kind of stain it is, so that the right means of removal can be chosen.

Care Tip 9: A loose thread is no reason to panic.

Yes, knit is movable and sometimes you get stuck somewhere. From the start, you should not wear jewelry with large claws that can get caught in the knitewear. As a first step, it helps to carefully pull apart the garment around the loose thread, once across, once lengthwise. Since knit is a stitch, sometimes the thread slips back into the knit by gently pulling. However, if a thread really sticks out and can no longer be drawn in, there are little helpers like the crochet hook (for example, Prima Imra 0.60). With it, you go through the material from the inside at the required point, grab the thread, wrap it around the tip of the hook and pull it through to the inside. So quickly it is gone and the knitted fabric is pretty again.

Care tip 10: Remove pilling

Our merino yarn is tested several times by us for pilling before it is used for production. It is a low-pilling yarn, so it does not pill quickly. However, where long-term heat and friction come together, small nodules will form in the long run. Yet, these pilling nodules are so minor with merino, unlike cashmere, that we've never had to rid our (daily wear) loungewear of them. However, if you want to do that and it bothers you, pluck the nodules off manually or rather use a special comb for that instead of a pilling razor that might cut into the mesh.

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