From Hamburg to New York - our loungewear is now available internationally

We are delighted that our second Luxury Loungewear collection is now represented in exclusive boutiques from Hamburg to New York!

It all started on a very small scale - in 2017 alone with my collection and a big dream at the Berlin Fashion Week trade fair and only my mom to help me at the fair! We quickly realized that the golden days of being a successful newcomer at the fair were over. All the buyers from the fashion houses just rushed from appointment to appointment to their big existing brands and didn't look left or right...

weisser Loungewear Zweiteiler

And if a fraction did stop, the first question was always: "Where are you already represented"? Well, and back then it wasn't anywhere because it was the first collection and so you were out before you were even in. Even when I got to know some other founders back then, some of whom were exhibiting at the trade fair for the fourth time without getting a single order from retailers, I asked myself how you can manage it...

beiger Rollkragenpullover aus 100% Merino mit asymmetrischen Detail

There must be room for a good product! I could sense that 2018 was already the time for loungewear and was absolutely convinced of my idea. It was a very rocky road at times, but we have since been able to gain great sales partners in Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Many new boutiques and large stores such as Betten Rid in Munich and La dolce vita in Zurich have now been added and more will follow. Boutiques have even been added in France and New York, and the number of YOU LOOK PERFECT fans is constantly growing. And now have fun discovering our stores

weißes Loungewear Set aus Pullover und Joggingpants

We are very happy about every single new boutique that joins us and is enthusiastic about our quality and brand! And now some retailers and agents are even getting in touch of their own accord to add our women's house suits to their range. That's the best thing! So there is still room for new brands on the market, but you need a lot of staying power, a tendency to get up again after every setback and a lot of support to get through these tough early days...

"I have not failed - I have discovered 10,000 ways that have not worked."

(Thomas Alva Edison)


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