Luxury Loungewear and Fair Fashion in one Label

YOU LOOK PERFECT is a fair fashion label based in Austria that has been creating sustainable & luxurious loungewear since 2017.

Now with its fourth collection on the market

The idea was born around 15 years ago. Even then, founder and fashion designer Sandra Milacher couldn't find any homewear that met her requirements. And many years later, during pregnancy and after nine years as a designer for a well-known luxury label, there was still no cosy and at the same time elegant clothing for the home that also dressed smartly when out and about. The old homewear problem was still unsolved. So Sandra herself founded the perfect loungewear brand she always wanted.

With the step into entrepreneurship

and the founding of the loungewear label YOU LOOK PERFECT there is now a loungewear collection on the market that meets Sandra's and her customers' demands: Elegant, high-quality, unique and sustainable, wearable in the home office, but also while shopping or on a spontaneous trip with her best friend.

Gründung Start-up Mode


by the way was chosen on day one because the founder wanted women to simply feel comfortable and beautiful in their clothes. Looking at the label is a daily reminder that every woman is beautiful.

YOU LOOK PERFECT Gründerin und Geschäftsführerin Sandra Milacher

About the founder of the loungewear label YOU LOOK PERFECT

Founder Sandra Cornelia Milacher started YOU LOOK PERFECT in 2017 in Austria. She was born and raised in Heidelberg, Germany. At the age of 13, she already knew that she wanted to be a fashion designer when she grew up and worked towards that goal. After graduating from high school, she studied Fashion Design & Editing at ESMOD in Munich, Germany, during which time she won two international design competitions. She then worked as a designer for an Austrian luxury fashion label for nine years. She is married and lives with her husband and young son in Upper Austria. Read more in the interview with Sandra...

What is special about our loungewear

Every woman knows it: you come home and immediately want to put on something comfortable. But until now, it was almost impossible to look elegant at the same time! Going out the door again meant changing again. That's now a thing of the past, because with the elegant homewear from YOU LOOK PERFECT you'll always cut a good picture at home on the couch, while shopping, going for a walk, traveling or in the home office! In addition to the professional studio photos with Miss Austria Dragana Stanković, we want to show that our loungewear also looks good on everyday women - that's why our home shoot is always photographed with a real mother and daughter couple who are not professional models!

From Hamburg to New York

YOU LOOK PERFECT is sold by now not only online, but also in 36 exclusive boutiques and 5* superior hotels from Hamburg to Zurich to New York.

Fair Loungewear

Fair production is essential to wear a garment with a good conscience. 

Unique & exclusive collection

In Europe there is no comparable fashion label for sustainable, fairly produced knitted loungewear. Knitted loungewear is still an insider tip. Nothing is cozier than knitwear, but creating it is demanding. Therefore, there is normal sewn homewear made of jersey and nicki everywhere - but that is not stylish and exquisite enough for us. So the label YOU LOOK PERFECT became the pioneer of a niche with knitted, sustainable loungewear.

Sustainable Loungewear

The knitted loungewear of YOU LOOK PERFECT consists exclusively of natural fibers, is packaged plastic-free and shipping is CO2 neutral. We have alway only used natural fibers because these fibers are breathable, durable, eco-friendly and biodegradable. Our current collection is knitted from the finest Italian merino yarn. Our yarn, which has been tested for harmful substances, is produced and dyed under high standards. Due to the production in the EU, we have very short production routes. Sustainability doesn't stop for us with packaging either: the goods from the online store are wrapped plastic-free in tissue paper from sustainable forestry and shipped in a cardboard box made from recycled waste paper. By the way, YOU LOOK PERFECT is the only sustainable loungewear label on the European market.

Our company is located at Lake Attersee

30 minutes away from Salzburg in the beautiful Salzkammergut region of Austria


Fair Fashion Loungewear - Made in Europe

YOU LOOK PERFECT therefore manufactures the entire collection in the EU (Portugal, Italy and Hungary). Here, the workers have important basic rights such as reasonable working hours, high safety standards, minimum wages, no child labor, no forced labor, etc. We have additionally signed contracts that further strengthen the rights of employees and have also visited our manufacturing facilities ourselves and continue to check the situation on site every season.

Beige Luxus Loungewear für Damen

High Quality Luxury Loungewear

The label's collection uses only the best qualities of natural fibers, such as Italian merino yarn. Natural fibers are unfortunately hardly used today due to their high price. Yet natural fibers in particular have wonderful wearing properties, are breathable and balance out temperature. You do not sweat and do not freeze. The Italian yarn of the YOU LOOK PERFECT collection is tested and certified for harmful substances.. So our customers do not wear chemicals on their skin.