The second strike - New loungewear collection made of merino wool

After the encouraging success of the first luxury loungewear collection from YOU LOOK PERFECT, the second strike now follows: In the loungewear online store as well as in selected boutiques and hotels, the second fair fashion collection invites you to discover and feel good. The label remains true to its promise and continues to focus on premium women's loungewear knitted from high-quality natural fibers. After all, the last collection showed that the trends towards sustainability and home office have created a gap in the market, which YOU LOOK PERFECT has been very happy to serve already since 2018: elegant and at the same time cozy clothing for women who also care about the sustainable and fair production of their fashion. Since the loungewear of the Austrian label is knitted and not sewn, it already has an elegant touch, which is underlined by the timeless yet modern styles. In Europe, YOU LOOK PERFECT is the only fashion label that specializes in sustainably knitted luxury loungewear.

Luxus Loungewear in Weiß

Consequences of the pandemic

The pandemic gave the company an extra boost, selling out merchandise from the first collection faster than they could replenish. Even for the current second collection, the post-production is already running at full speed again, because the goods were sold out so quickly - increasingly also in the stationary trade. Corona sends many people to the home office who still want to participate in the video conference in style and comfort. What could be better than spending the whole day in loungewear? The boundaries from office to couch are blurred and so the big advantage of loungewear over conventional homewear crystallizes: still cozy to wear at home but with the upgrade of elegant everyday fashion.

The perfect yarn is merino

But of course, not everything stays the same. Customer feedback is reflected in several new cuts and styles, as well as in the new loungewear sets, which put together selected outfits to make online shopping easier. And the bestsellers from the first collection are also literally found in a new guise, as the entire second loungewear collection for women is now knitted from exclusive Italian Merino yarn. This yarn is produced by one of the last merino manufactories in Italy and is mulesing-free, i.e. animal-friendly sheared and cuddly soft. The wear properties of merino wool are perfect for use as a year-round loungewear yarn because merino cools on hot days and warms on cold days, it has an elegant fit, doesn't bulge, and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Edle Loungewear Kollektion für Damen

Sustainable production in Europe

The production site for the second collection is also new, located close to the sea near Porto in Portugal. Here, the loungewear label remains true to its fair fashion principles and has also signed a contract with the highly professional knitting factory to ensure that working conditions meet its own high criteria. This ensures that workers are paid above the minimum wage and that there is no child or forced labor, which is often enough still a sad reality in the textile industry. The production in Europe also has ecological reasons, because thanks to shorter transport routes the loungewear has a much smaller CO2 footprint than a production in Asia, furthermore the producer uses renewable energies and also the shipping is climate neutral as well as plastic-free and the products themselves are biodegradable.

Loungewear is the new workwear

Now a year lies ahead of the young label, in which the distribution of the new collection and the further development of the brand will be the main focus. In Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, professional sales agencies already represent the new loungewear collection, which YOU LOOK PERFECT has successfully placed in high-end retail outlets. In Austria, the label is already represented in several 5*Superior hotels. Because the team around founder Sandra Milacher has noticed one thing from the leaps and bounds in sales figures last year: the home office trend is turning homewear and its elegant sister loungewear into more than just a fashion phenomenon that is sure to accompany the industry for a long time to come. The demand will continue to increase during the pandemic and even after its end, many will remain in the home office, or simply want to be chic at home and do something good for themselves. In addition, the longed-for travel will come again, because loungewear is also particularly well suited for this. Influencers and stars have long enjoyed wearing loungewear while traveling and also while doing yoga.

Loungewear is the new all-rounder, which brings some peace and balance to the market after many fashion trends, because it covers so many areas in one.

Petrolblaue Loungewear aus Merinostrick

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