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How is our homewear different from other fashion labels?

1) We produce fairly and sustainably. Our fashion is made in Europe in family-owned production facilities that we visit. In low-wage countries you can produce for a fraction of the price, but neither the environmental nor the working conditions there are acceptable to me. I want to be able to stand in production the same day my hat is on fire.

That's why we produce our homewear in small, family-run factories in Italy, Portugal and Hungary. I go there several times a year and see how well the people there are doing. Then it's good for me, too. We also eliminate plastic whenever possible: be it in the yarns, which are made of natural fibers, to the packaging, which is plastic-free.

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2) We use natural fibres . Today, the proportion of natural fibres on the market is already less than 30%. The huge worldwide demand for cheap clothing can only be met with plastic clothing (polyester, polyacrylic, polyamide). This would not be so bad if it would rot later. But it doesn't. Clothes made from these ingredients are made from the same raw material as the PET bottle. And with every wash, microplastics end up in our rivers. There are already huge piles of garbage from synthetic clothing that will never decompose.

That's why we use ONLY natural fibers like cotton, cashmere and modal whenever possible. These are made from renewable resources and will rot at the end of their fashion life. In addition, we do not use the usual plastic bags (polybags) that producers usually pack each item in during production deliveries.

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3) Our clothes are knitted. That's where it starts to get really special. Because in the homewear sector there are a few labels in German-speaking countries. But almost all of them offer cheap, sewn synthetic clothing. High quality? Not a chance. And when they do, it's simply sewn like everything else from bolts of fabric. But we love knitwear and find it much more comfortable to wear than sewn clothing off the roll. The knitted styles have always been my favorites in the wardrobe.

We go to the yarn fair in Florence twice a year where we check out the latest Italian knitting yarns. We only use ecotex certified Italian yarn that has been tested for harmful substances. Also, the best yarn in the world comes from Italy.

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4) We test our yarns. I don't know of any fashion company that does this. Everything is produced directly from the cheapest yarn. That way you don't waste time and save costs. Only then the customer washes the model and it immediately goes down a size. It's awful. Or she wears it twice and it already pills.

So we do a test marathon as soon as we get the 20-40 Italian yarns that come into question. We test for pilling, washability, shape retention and comfort. The best wins in the end, it's as simple as that. And our goods are also pre-washed. Directly wearable, no shrinkage.

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5) We specialize. This in itself is rare, as many clothing manufacturers today offer not only women's clothing, but also bikinis, down jackets, shoes and pillowcases. I'm not a fan of that. It's better to be really good at one thing before you lose track of it. Besides, the brand statement becomes too fuzzy. What else do you stand for then?

We specialize ONLY in Luxury Homewear - high quality women's fashion for home and away. That is our hobbyhorse.

6) Limited Edition. We are not a company that produces a model 1 million times (hardly imaginable, but standard with the big brands). The unsold rest is then burned. We produce small editions and do not flood the market with our goods. We couldn't and we don't want to. A garment should have its value. What costs next to nothing is worth nothing. Isn't it?

If you take all these criteria under the microscope, there is not a single fashion label like YOU LOOK PERFECT that offers high-quality knitted homewear.


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