CARDIGAN BLOSSOM - Long Merino Cardigan with Pockets

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Colour: Mauve

Long Cardigan made of 100% MERINO extrafine

Merino wool is some of the finest animal hair in the world. The merino yarn of our long cardigan Blossom is therefore an absolute pleasure to wear: It's silky smooth, breathable, warm or cool - just as your skin requires. And our ladies' merino collection - including this cardigan - can even be machine washed!

Nachhaltige Homewear Damen

Friday, 3pm. I'm meeting Brigitte for a drink after work. Wonderful, finally sitting in the sun again and relaxing. With my long merino cardigan I am perfectly dressed for the whole day. Chic at work and cosy in my spare time. No matter if it's warm or cool outside, the merino wool balances it all out. It is a real all-rounder, and luckily it even has pockets. That's how I like it, practical and relaxed at the same time. The weekend begins. Let's enjoy it!

° Long cardigan from the finest merino
° Chic details such as piping in the back part
° Ribbed sleeves and knitted pocket
° Approx. 524 g Merino extrafine (size M)
° Cardigan available in the colors beige, white, black, mauve and petrol-blue
° Soft to the touch, does not scratch and is suitable for sensitive skin
° Italian yarn: low pilling, mulesing free, certified non-toxic, premium dyed, fine twisted
° Fair Fashion Merino Cardigan for women, made in EU
° Cardigan is pre-washed when delivered, can be machine washed afterwards


Cardigan Blossom is a long women's merino cardigan. It is knitted in 100% mulesing free (animal friendly) merino. This natural fibre cardigan has knit-in pockets and pretty piping along the back. It is very chic to wear around the house, every day to the office or elegantly to a concert.

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100% Merino extrafine

For our loungewear collection we use only the best Italian yarn made from natural fibers! We guarantee the highest quality through our own tests for pilling, bumps, recovery, wearing comfort, as well as washability. Our yarn is certified free of harmful substances and completely spun and dyed in Italy!

Our Italian yarn manufacturer produces ecologically and has several certificates that guarantee freedom from harmful substances and environmental friendliness.

By using natural fibers and producing in the EU, we guarantee a sustainable and fair production! Due to the short transport routes in Europe, we can produce climate-friendly and even ship CO2 neutral. Learn more about the sustainability of our loungewear...


Our Fair Fashion Loungewear is produced in highly professional factories in the European Union (EU), with which we have our own contracts to protect the workers and which we visit personally on a regular basis.


Merino is a virgin wool and is one of the finest, noblest animal hairs in the world. Our sustainable merino wool comes from wool farms in Australia, South Africa and South America. Merino sheep live on wide green meadows and are sheared only 1-2 times a year. For animal welfare reasons, we only buy mulesing-free wool. Merino is very soft and does not scratch, making it suitable even for very sensitive skin. It has excellent clothing physiological properties: it is water repellent, breathable, dirt repellent, it is odorless, does not bulge, is antistatic and also flame retardant. In addition, merino is temperature-regulating: when you sweat, it cools, and when you freeze, it warms. That's why merino is used a lot in high-end sports and throughout summer and winter! Merino is a renewable, sustainable fiber and biodegradable. Therefore, Merino is our absolute favorite fiber and a real all-rounder!

Merino Pflegeanleitung edle Loungewear

Washable in the washing machine at 30 ° in the delicate wash program or wool / hand wash program. Important: spin little with max. 600 revolutions!

Dry lying on the clothes rack so that the garment does not unhook. Please use a wool detergent for the regreasing of the fiber of our loungewear.

For more tips on the care of our merino-loungewear click here...

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