Backstage at the shooting

And why it's simply more fun with friends.

Many years in the fashion industry have led to the fact that I am now tired of all the slick and photoshopped models and appreciate naturalness.

I want to make fashion for real women, so my campaign models are not professional models, but just normal women like you and me.

Also, mother and daughter are always photographed together. Because 'you look perfect' is ageless and suits all women!

For the first collection I therefore chose the dream team Brigitte and Klara as models. And just because the two enchanting models are my friend and her daughter, the cute dog is from the niece, the great pistachio green beetle is from the friend of the friend, the photographer and stylist are friends of another friend and we have shot at my home - it was real teamwork and pure womenpower. It was a very special day for all of us and you could really feel the creativity and joy in the air.

you look perfect homewear shootingyou look perfect homewear shootingyou look perfect homewear shooting

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