What is loungewear?

And why don't they actually call it homewear?

Loungewear is the somewhat finer homewear

According to the Duden definition, homewear is"comfortable clothing that is worn [only] at home". However, these are usually house suits or jogging suits, which are comfortable but just not very stylish. You're more likely to go for a jog in homewear than to wear it to the café.

Therefore, a new term has become public in recent years: Loungewear. In this one makes at home AND on the way a good figure and has it nevertheless comfortably. The big advantage is: You are dressed so well that the pieces can be integrated into your everyday life and you are also well dressed for the home office, travelling, yoga or visits tothe café.

Since our collection is also very high quality, it is called LUXURY LOUNGEWEAR.

Definition von Loungewear und Homewear

Was ist Homewear? Was ist Loungewear?

Luxus-Loungewear für Damen ist ein anderes Wort für bequeme Bekleidung für Zuhause

Unterschied zwischen Homewear und Loungewear erklärt