Our philosophy

What is our philosophy and what exactly do we do to adhere to our values in order to offer the perfect loungewear for ladies? We live our job from the cut to the production and delivery, so that our product meets your and our expectations.


We produce only in the EU! This is many times more expensive than production in a low-wage country - but that has never been an option for us. We want the people behind the product to be doing well. We have carefully selected the factories, visited them and were able to personally convince ourselves of the good conditions. In addition, the rights of the workers are contractually agreed with the partner companies. These are: no forced labour, no child labour, freedom of association, right to collective bargaining/collective bargaining, permanent employment, no discrimination, reasonable working hours max 48 h/week, high safety standards, no health hazards, payment above the minimum wage, training opportunities, part-time opportunities, etc.


We use only natural fibres like merino wool. These fibers are not only breathable but also biodegradable! Clothing made from polyester or polyacrylic is made from the same raw material as the PET bottle (petroleum) and not only consumes many forever lost resources and vast amounts of energy, but will never decompose, just like the plastic bottle. When you think of the mountains of polyester/polyacrylic clothing produced, it's a pollution that's hard to imagine. And when you wash such plastic clothing, moreover, microplastics enter our rivers and lakes through the wastewater with every wash cycle. A sad cycle. It's not for nothing that the textile industry is second only to the oil industry as the biggest polluter! Time to rethink!

That's why we only use natural fibres right from the start. These cost many times more than cheap plastic clothes, but natural fibres are much higher quality, comfortable to wear, allow the skin to breathe and will eventually be able to decompose. Most of our natural fibres are also made from renewable raw materials. But sustainability doesn't stop with yarn made from natural fibres for us. Since we produce and sell in the EU, our products only travel short distances and are kind to the environment. Furthermore, for online shipping we only use boxes made of recycled paper, tissue paper from sustainable forestry and no plastic packaging of the textiles.


We only use Italian yarn. This is because in Europe there are very strict rules about dyeing the yarns. In other low-wage countries the yarn is much cheaper, but there the environmental laws are not very strict either and often the dye bath is simply dumped into the rivers. A disaster for the people who live along these rivers and use the water for washing and drinking. Moreover, the best yarn in the world comes from Italy, so we are in Florence at the yarn fair and order our yarn there. At the fair we sample some qualities, back in Austria we then test for pilling, washability, warping, etc. Usually only 1 out of 40 yarns passes our tests. This way we can offer you really best quality, which we stand behind. The whole production is also pre-washed, so you can wear the clothes immediately and then nothing shrinks when you wash it. For animal welfare reasons, we buy only mulesing-free merino yarn.


Nobody makes what we make! A label that ONLY makes knitted and fairly produced homewear? Yes, that's our hobby horse! Knitted loungewear is where it starts to get really special. Because in the homewear sector there are only very few labels in the German-speaking countries anyway. Almost no one specializes in it. But I always found this area very important and completely underrepresented in the textile industry! Mostly the big labels have a few pieces like jogging suits made of Nicki or Jersey in their program, but nothing exclusive or high quality. Almost all of them offer simply sewn synthetic clothing. But we love high quality yarns and knitted clothes! Because knitwear is much more comfortable to wear than sewn clothing. With knits, you have fewer seams, and the clothing is inherently somewhat stretchy and conforms to your body. I love knitwear and couldn't find anything nice to wear at home for a long time - so as an experienced fashion designer in the luxury segment, it was obvious to start the first label for fairly and sustainably produced knitwear loungewear in 2017! Tataaa, YOU LOOK PERFECT was born!


We always pay attention to the best quality and so our Italian yarn is also certified free of harmful substances. So you can be sure not to have any chemicals on your skin. Unfortunately it is not possible for small labels like us to label our clothes with e.g. the ÖKO-T** seal. Because although our yarn, from which the clothes are produced, carries this seal, we would have to pay enormous sums per year and model in fees, if we advertise with the seal. Therefore, textile giants can do it immediately, but smaller companies like us unfortunately cannot, although they look at it the same way. So we have no choice but to call our goods "certified free of harmful substances", and not to mention the companies that award these seals at great cost. You as a customer have in any case the benefit of a high quality product!


We ship free of charge to you! By standard shipping we ship to all our delivery countries free of charge, to Switzerland/Liechtenstein even incl. customs costs! We also ship CO2 neutral. The parcel services already save CO2 by route optimization, electronic parcel announcements and increased delivery by natural gas/electric cars and measure the values. What is emitted is offset by renewable energy projects and tree planting.

If you have any further questions about our products and their manufacturing conditions, please feel free to write to us.


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